People’s Museum

Peoples Museum in Birzeit, Palestine Mission Peoples Museum is an art project initiated by the Danish artists in collaboration with Palestinian artists. The idea is to create a “from bottom up” museum, which represents a collection of items, histories and memories of the residents in a specific locality in Palestine. … Read more

Let’s Program

22-24 February, 2008 Let’s Remake the World III Seminar and Workshop 22-23-24 February 2008 I YNKB Baldersgade 70. st. tv. 2200 København N Phone: 0045 35851037 – 0045 20613173 – 004560810218 Let’s remake the world III seeks to create a discussion about the place of optimism in the face of … Read more


How much did you pay for this plot of land? Land Value in Ramallah and East Jerusalem By Oliver Clemens and Sabine Horlitz from An Arkhitektur, Berlin. (This work was developed in conjunction with the international cultural project “liminal spaces”, that was curated by Eyal Danon, Galit Eilat, Reem Fadda … Read more

Let’s Background

22-24 February, 2008 Let’s Remake the World III Seminar and Workshop This is the third event in a series initiated by the Library of Radiant Optimism (Brett Bloom + Bonnie Fortune) and YNKB, which started in late 2006 with The Radiantly Optimistic Poster Show!exhibited at YNKB, December 2006, and at … Read more


  18.december 2006 POSTERs of radiant optimism Installationviews The Radiantly Optimistic Poster Show We are inspired by the groundswell of optimistic and visionary activities in the late 1960s and early 1970s. We are interested in this time period and the massive countercultural movement it produced in the face of international … Read more


17 .december 2010 The Gift in free store, rostrum, Malmö 18 .december 2010 The Gift Foran Tivoli 18 .december 2010 Strøget 19 .december 2010 The Gift i YNKB


ARTfreight A new model for a local/global Art – and Culture Center Outer Nørrebro is Copenhagen’s and thus Denmark’s most densely populated area with the greatest concentration of immigrants (29%). If housing were built on the area where the freighthalls stands, Mjølner Park and the1700 youngsters who live there would … Read more


18 september 2015 kl 18 – 23 Benefit concert Astrid Noacks Atelier presents:Benefit concert to preserve RÅDMANDSGADE 34Rådmandsgade 34, the site that once housed the living and working space of one of Denmark’s most significant sculpters, Astrid Noack, will be holding a benefit concert on Friday the 11th of September … Read more


January 2009 YNKB WINDOW It all started when we hang up a t-shirt in the window with the text: Boycot Israel, as a reacion to the massacre in Gaza. The day after we recieved a mail saying this was a vulgar and undifferentiated attitude. We answered the mail by saying … Read more


25september-24 oktober 2004 YNKB på Minority Report Århus Festival for Samtidskunst YNKB participates with “The Future of Denmark” produced in collaboration with students at Aarhus Municipal Language Center. “The Future of Denmark” expresses the expectations, hopes, and conceptions of a number of immigrant students enrolled at Aarhus Municipal Language Center; … Read more