November 15,2008,2 pm Art After Work: section 8 Section8 seeks to use everyday situations and traditional contexts as a means to public reflection and criticality, invigorating common spaces dominated by the deadening noise of the market non-place, with alternative perspectives that call into question aspects of the world as … Read more


1 – 16 juli 2008 Fotos fra peoples Museum at the heritage festival al-Hoash Antique oillamp Arrow guidig to Peoples Museum Photos by Avatef Romeigh Yaliano and Pelle building the model Peoples Museum by night Hosni Radwan demonstrates his chair chair constructed by Hosni Radwan Childrens corner Cinema Cinema Construction … Read more

People’s Museum

Peoples Museum in Birzeit, Palestine Mission Peoples Museum is an art project initiated by the Danish artists in collaboration with Palestinian artists. The idea is to create a “from bottom up” museum, which represents a collection of items, histories and memories of the residents in a specific locality in Palestine. … Read more

Peoples Museum 1

29 april – 16 maj 2008 Peoples Museum Since the first project in Palestine by Parfyme and YNKB: ”Cinema, realized in Bethlehem in cooperation with Dar Al Kalima Documentary film school, march 2007, Parfyme and YNKB together with Palestinian Artist Majdi Hadid has developed the project: ”Peoples Museum”. This project … Read more

Let’s Program

22-24 February, 2008 Let’s Remake the World III Seminar and Workshop 22-23-24 February 2008 I YNKB Baldersgade 70. st. tv. 2200 København N Phone: 0045 35851037 – 0045 20613173 – 004560810218 Let’s remake the world III seeks to create a discussion about the place of optimism in the face of … Read more

Let’s Background

22-24 February, 2008 Let’s Remake the World III Seminar and Workshop This is the third event in a series initiated by the Library of Radiant Optimism (Brett Bloom + Bonnie Fortune) and YNKB, which started in late 2006 with The Radiantly Optimistic Poster Show!exhibited at YNKB, December 2006, and at … Read more


  September, 19 – 21, 2008 ynkb on cph_alt: weeds The danish word ukrudt derives from the german Unkraut = “non-herb” In old danish, non-grass. It is plants, which are unwanted by the people owning or farming the land or water- area where the plants are growing. Weeds make use … Read more


March 28,2008 Complain Battle. Music house Elværket Pictures from a Complain Grand Prix held in the Music House “Elværket” March 28, 2008 in Elsinore to give the new-Danes the possibility to express themselves and their point of views on Danes and Danish culture in a musical mode. Buzor Nemic and … Read more


April 26 – August 24, 2008 YNKB on Kronborg How do we re-awaken Holger Danske? Will he listen to us, when no one else will listen? Video and sound installation presented by YNKB (Kirsten Dufour and Finn Thybo Andersen) in cooperation with Music House Elværket (Henning Frimann) and Elisabetta Saiu. … Read more

Peoples Museum2

  July 1 – July 16 2008 step 2 in Peoples Museum, birzeit See also Peoples Museum and Peoples Museum 1 Birzeit is a village 20 km north of Ramallah. It has been inhabited since the roman period, from which there is ruins and even before. The name Bir Zeit … Read more