ARTfreight A new model for a local/global Art – and Culture Center Outer Nørrebro is Copenhagen’s and thus Denmark’s most densely populated area with the greatest concentration of immigrants (29%). If housing were built on the area where the freighthalls stands, Mjølner Park and the1700 youngsters who live there would … Read more

Fragthaller Kopi

The freighthalls Use and restore the Freighthalls so they can become an international centre for contemporary art and culture DSB’s Freighthalls at Nørreport Station in Copenhagen was built in the 1920s and was used for loading and storing DSB railway freight until the 1990s. After that, the buildings became superfluous … Read more


YNKB Manifest Draft of Manifest for Outer Nørrebro (Art &) Culture Bureau – a local initiative (It’s about time and our last chance) To make the impossible possible – the insignificant significant – the significant insignificant. To work in the area that can be called our public life under the … Read more

Whats Next

’What’s next? Neighborhoods and Artistic Practices “—which provide an insight not only into the microstructures of certain districts and the everyday realities and struggles of the inhabitants, but which also demonstrate artistic ways of reclaiming urban space.” Book reception: – Journal for Northeast Issues 3 and 4, ed. projektgruppe (Hamburg) … Read more


april 3, 2005 Generatordrivenfilmprojection 3 hours Artvideo screening by night Concert Electronic music Free food


June 7, 2006 Streetparty for more greene areas on Nørrebro

Open microphone

June 7 2005 Open microphone tv-tv studio for open microphone Some ideas of involved politicians, residents and experts concerning why the Warehouse Halls at Nørrebro Station must not be replaced by more housing in one of Denmark’s most densely populated areas, or by yet another consumer palace, but on the … Read more


June 25, 2005 ARTFREIGHT & PARKFESTIVAL ARTFREIGHT & PARKFESTIVAL ’’ Artists supporting “Artfreight in the Freighthalls ” at OUTER Nørrebro with a Free Concert. Saturday 25 of june 2005 Artfreight and Parkfestival on the railroad grounds (DSB arealerne) behind Føtex at Nørrebro Station last saturday, started in pourring rain, so … Read more

Citizen Participation

Citizen Participation: True or False A true story about democracy in Denmark Article by Finn Thybo Andersen, printet in the danish paper “Information” 27 july 2006: 2001: In the fall, the city of Copenhagen published “For a debate on city development possibilities for areas surrounding Nørrebro Station”, a handsome publication … Read more


November 25, 2005 Protection Hearing Borgermestervangen, Copenhagen The Special Building Authority has at its meeting on 17 November 2005 proposed that the Railway Freight Station connected with the warehouse building and the Custom House at Borgmestervangen 5, 7 and 17, unregistered railway property, Udenbys Klædebo Quarter, Copenhagen, be protected. The … Read more