Magasin Launch

9 januar2009 Magazine launch A key task of this journal is to introduce the market ‘failure’ of a capitalist economy – the repressive destructive nature of a system that works for the few at the expense of the many – into the comfortable discussions on how universities might best suit … Read more


YNKB Manifest Draft of Manifest for Outer Nørrebro (Art &) Culture Bureau – a local initiative (It’s about time and our last chance) To make the impossible possible – the insignificant significant – the significant insignificant. To work in the area that can be called our public life under the … Read more

Ved Tro Forord Kopi

Introduction from the Book: ”That a whole town could be criminals” “Idea, thoughts and action” From December to July 2002, a Serbian family of seven lived hidden in Lemvig. The family was one out of a larger group of Serbian refugees who were denied asylum in Denmark. Many people in … Read more