25september-24 oktober 2004

YNKB på Minority Report Århus Festival for Samtidskunst

YNKB participates with “The Future of Denmark” produced in collaboration with students at Aarhus Municipal Language Center.
“The Future of Denmark” expresses the expectations, hopes, and conceptions of a number of immigrant students enrolled at Aarhus Municipal Language Center; how they regard their new life in Denmark and their possibilities for affecting social change. In collaboration with the students, YNKB will produce different proposals and projects for affecting social change to be presented at Aarhus Municipal Language Center and in the Satellites:

1) The Water Automat for The Waitingroom for emigrants at the PoliceStation in Aarhus. Students from Aarhus Municipal Language Center and YNKB address Aarhus Police to initiate a dialogue on how to improve the poor waiting room in the Department for Foreigners at Aarhus Police – compared to the waiting room in Aarhus Police Headquarters. The Department for Foreigners is the place where aliens apply for residency in Denmark .

2) The new dress for the Mayor, Louise Gade. Students from Aarhus Municipal Language Center and YNKB offer Mayor Louise Gade a gift. The gift consists of a collaboration during which artists/students, a taylor of other ethnic background, and the mayor together will create a dress inspired by colors, cuts, and patterns from other countries

3) The Toilet Building behind The Equestrian Hall, Students from Aarhus Municipal Language Center and YNKB paint the Toilet Building behind The Equestrian Hall inspired by the way the Ndebele people paint their houses

4) The banner “Denmark is an interesant land, how interesant are you”. Students from Aarhus Municipal Language Center and YNKB make a banner to be hung across the street where Nørre Allé run into Vesterbro Torv

5) Documentation
Students from Aarhus Municipal Language Center and YNKB produce an exhibition in which all the activities in conjunction with Minority Report are presented. The exhibition shows the processes of the individual projects, the actual projects as well as ideas for other projects.

Students from Århus municipal Language Center was:
Elizabeth Gavor, Heidi Contaoi, Cengiz Alkan, Susan Yeo Lindholst
Artist from Ynkb: Gillion Grantsaant, Finn Thybo Andersen, Kirsten Dufour assisted by Art Historian Iben Mosbæk Hofstede
The dress for Mayor Louise Gade was created by Loan Le,Roses Skræderi, Århus
Photo of mayor Louise Gade by photographer Ole Pedersen, Århus
Banner sponsoret by V1 Flag, Ebeltoft
Drinking automat sponsoret by Nestle Water powwow
supported by Kunstrådets fagudvalg for billedkunst, denmark

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