Revolution from the Kitchen: Witches and Work

Revolution from the Kitchen: Witches and Work As part of the biennial Alt_Cph 20, Patterns in Resistance, the collectives YNKB, ANA and Salon Hysteria presents a conversation between Silvia Federici and Nazila Kivi on Witches & Work; on Revolution from the Kitchen; on utopias and colonizations of care. This talk … Read more

WWWe are moving

We have finally transferrede hours of archives of works from plain HTML to wordpress. Some of the pages looks a bit weird because they were published weird years ago, please bare with us. All the best – The Webmaster


  9 maj 2014 kl. 19 walking the routes of the displaced. Here and there. A collective performanc- action Falling down the wall Knealed reading On your knee Under the table Reading together Xartis Xu throw paint Hang up the map Looking at our hands what our hands do Walking … Read more

Activism in Baltimore

ACTIVISM IN BALTIMORE 2005 The archive “ACTIVISM IN BALTIMORE 2005” of activist interviews by YNKB (DK) in collaboration with Public Globality Gardens (S) was screened at Red Emma’s Bookstore Saturday August 26 and donated to Baltimore Indymedia. It will from now on be possible to study the videos on activism … Read more

Cinema Kopi

16 – 28 marts cinema – bethlehem The workshop “Cinema” The idea is to make a fast production of small videos with the film documentary students. They can be documentary or more artistic representations, in and with the local community. In that connection we would like to introduce the idea … Read more


March 28,2008 Complain Battle. Music house Elværket Pictures from a Complain Grand Prix held in the Music House “Elværket” March 28, 2008 in Elsinore to give the new-Danes the possibility to express themselves and their point of views on Danes and Danish culture in a musical mode. Buzor Nemic and … Read more

Braennaren 2

Malmö 29 maj 2009 Brännaren 2 Postershow by YNKB(DK) & The Library of Radiant Optimism (US) Filmscreening See more:


March 2007 Pictures from Bethlehem View of Bethlehem and the surrounding landscape Bethlehem is surrounded by the “Security Wall” – or the “Apartheid Wall” The wall around Bethlehem separates Bethlehem from the countryside The tomb of Rachel is situated on the road between Jerusalem and Bethlehem. Rachel was the first … Read more


January 7 – 9, 2011 STORIES ABOUT “THE NEW SOCIETY “, 1968-70…. AN EXHIBITION BY HENRIK BUSK As a consequence of the student movement and the collapse of the Student Society, 500 students started the “New Society” in 1968. In 1970, the activities of the “New Society” escalated into a … Read more