Smallscaletrade Kopi

May 22, 2011, at 13.00-18.00 SMALL SCALE TRADE – a one-day exhibition and discussion about small-scale trade. A particular focus is on indigenous and cross-border trade in the Arctic explored in the artistic initiatives of Mobile Kultur Byrå – MBK (Kirsten Dufour, Copenhagen, Hilde Methi, Kirkenes, Ulrike Solbrig, Berlin) and … Read more


  November 15,2008,2 pm Art After Work: section 8 Section8 seeks to use everyday situations and traditional contexts as a means to public reflection and criticality, invigorating common spaces dominated by the deadening noise of the market non-place, with alternative perspectives that call into question aspects of the world as … Read more


18. januar 2007 RE-MAKING POSTER SERIES installationviews YNKB (København) og Messhall (Chicago) præsenterer xx. We want to organize this poster series to encourage a visibility and cohesion for today’s optimistic and visionary ideas from artists and activists, for dealing with these problems. The exhibition can be seen at YNKBClick here … Read more

Red Tent

29 maj 2002 THE RED TENT by Cristiana de Melo A fragile point of tension one afternoon on the streets of Copenhagen, as part of The Contemplation Room Project. Text by Cristiana de Melo and Sophie Pucill. London based Brazilian artist and curator Cristiana de Melo articulates a red art … Read more


18 december 2006 Posters for The Radiantly Optimistic PosterShow Brett Bloom and Bonnie Fortune Network of Causial Art Center for Tactical Magic Copenhagen Free University Peter Conlin and Kirsten Forkert Kirsten Dufour Dylan Mirra Finn Thybo Andersen Ryan Griffis and Sara Ross YNKB In the Fields Llearning Site 1 Learning … Read more


1 – 16 juli 2008 Fotos fra peoples Museum at the heritage festival al-Hoash Antique oillamp Arrow guidig to Peoples Museum Photos by Avatef Romeigh Yaliano and Pelle building the model Peoples Museum by night Hosni Radwan demonstrates his chair chair constructed by Hosni Radwan Childrens corner Cinema Cinema Construction … Read more

Peoples Museum

  Peoples Museum in Birzeit, Palestine The idea is to create a “from bottom up” museum, which represents a collection of items, histories and memories of the residents in a specific locality in Palestine. The form, the site and the collected items are decided upon through a dialogue between the … Read more

Peoples Museum Exhibition

October 2009 Peoples Museum: the exhibition After two years of preparation by Parfyme and YNKB in collaboration with Palestinian Artists Peoples Museum was opened on October the 9th 2009in Birzeit, Palestine. Untill we have an allover representation of the Peoples Museum on the website here are a few pictures of … Read more

Peoples Museum Opening Dk

  Peoples Museum opening october the 9th, 2009 Peoples Museum is an art project created by the Danish Art Groups Patfyme and YNKB in collaboration with Palestinian Artists Hosni Radwan and Haneen Masri and the citizens of Birzeit. After 2 years of preparations the Peoples Museum official opened the 9th … Read more

Peoples Museum 1

29 april – 16 maj 2008 Peoples Museum Since the first project in Palestine by Parfyme and YNKB: ”Cinema, realized in Bethlehem in cooperation with Dar Al Kalima Documentary film school, march 2007, Parfyme and YNKB together with Palestinian Artist Majdi Hadid has developed the project: ”Peoples Museum”. This project … Read more