Art Fair Reparations

21-22-23 september 2007 YNKB Art Fair reparationer Bike Make fast of gear cable, dismantling of defect bell, handbrake, chain oiled, make fast the steering. Mikkel September 21, 2007 Coat Resewed button Ulrik September 21, 2007 Coat Repaired pocket Billie September 21, 2007 Trousers Enlarged, supplied with a backpocket and tibetan … Read more

Art Fair

September 21-22-23 2007 YNKB Art Fair Reparation YNKB stand The YNKB repair workshop on Copenhagen Alternative Art Fair in function Jessica and Anna sewing Stoffer is gluing the sewing box All the repaired objects See all the repaired objects from YNKB Art Fair Reparation Through recycling and repairs, utilitarian objects … Read more

Reparation Eng

9 – 12 august 2007 art and love reparationsworkshop Flyer spread in the area of Blangstedgaard Billboard outsite Blangstedgaard Entrance for the workshop at Blangstedgaard The workshops on Blangstedgaard was administrated by Danny, a perfect partner for YNKB and the Art and Love Reparation workshop. Repair and reuse is a … Read more