May 15, 2003 TAMA not TINA we have choosen an open un unfinished form for this exhibition instead of a fixed art-composition in a fixed artform. we think the time now is for rethinking art and its contexts and putting up questions. Generally we think that art-making and -thinking through … Read more


December 18, 2006 POSTERs of radiant optimism YNKB (København) og Messhall (Chicago) præsentererPosters of radiant optimism. We want to organize this poster series to encourage a visibility and cohesion for today’s optimistic and visionary ideas from artists and activists, for dealing with these problems. The exhibition can be seen at … Read more


  July 28 – August 9, 2014 Norrekaerbiennale page under construction see:


  May 29, 2002 Christiana de melo visits YNKB London based Brazilian artist and curator Cristiana de Melo articulatesa red art piece in the streets of Copenhagen as part of the Contemplation Room Project exhibition. See more Se Tema 4 red tent May 25-26, 2002 Danger Museum visits YNKB The … Read more

Citizen Participation

Citizen Participation: True or False A true story about democracy in Denmark Article by Finn Thybo Andersen, printet in the danish paper “Information” 27 july 2006: 2001: In the fall, the city of Copenhagen published “For a debate on city development possibilities for areas surrounding Nørrebro Station”, a handsome publication … Read more


March 6, 2008 YNKB on BROOOM! Bring a vegetable! We ask everyone who are attending the talk to bring one vegetable or more, organic or not, self grown or found in a container, bought or stolen. All the vegtables will later be washed, chopped and cooked. We imagine to sit … Read more


November 25, 2005 Protection Hearing Borgermestervangen, Copenhagen The Special Building Authority has at its meeting on 17 November 2005 proposed that the Railway Freight Station connected with the warehouse building and the Custom House at Borgmestervangen 5, 7 and 17, unregistered railway property, Udenbys Klædebo Quarter, Copenhagen, be protected. The … Read more

Astrid Noack

26 februar 2009 The studio of Astrid Noack “Astrid Noack returns”. Exhibition opening August 19, 2010 Director of the Royal Danish Academy giving the opening speech, talking about the importance of the social milieu and how it has been influencing the art. Reinstalling the studio of the sculptor in Nørrebro. … Read more