November 15 2008 Art After Work: section 8 Documentation and other detritus arising from and around clandestine interventions and unannounced performances in “reality.” Coffee made from roots of dandelions and Belle de Boskoop apple pie prepared and served by YNKB Read more September 19-21 2008 YNKB on alt_cph: Weeds and … Read more

Emma H Eng

July 21,2008 The Signs are the Signal Emma Hedditch in YNKB On the street in front of the large window at YNKB, we formed half a circle around Emma, as she read aloud a text of hers. Afterwards we entered the room. Here, we helped each other to cover the … Read more


weeds The danish word ukrudt derives from the german Unkraut = “non-herb” In old danish, non-grass. It is plants, which are unwanted by the people owning or farming the land or water- area where the plants are growing. Weeds make use of the recess that results from human beings interrupting … Read more


March 6, 2008 YNKB on BROOOM! Bring a vegetable! We ask everyone who are attending the talk to bring one vegetable or more, organic or not, self grown or found in a container, bought or stolen. All the vegtables will later be washed, chopped and cooked. We imagine to sit … Read more