April 26 – August 24, 2008

YNKB on Kronborg

How do we re-awaken Holger Danske?
Will he listen to us, when no one else will listen?
Video and sound installation presented by YNKB (Kirsten Dufour and Finn Thybo Andersen) in cooperation with Music House Elværket (Henning Frimann) and Elisabetta Saiu.
This video installation gives new Danes and immigrants living in Ellsinore the opportunity to confront Holger Danske with their hopes and dreams, disappointments and problems – so he come to their aid.
With his century-long history, Holger Danske is an international symbol – “a dear child has many names” – and he lives in many cultures with different languages, traditions and religions –in Europe and throughout the world. He has the same mission everywhere – he is the people’s sleeping hero.
When problems become too great, the people can try to wake Holger Danske to new deeds of heroism – this time as the defender of the new Danes.