September, 19 – 21, 2008

ynkb on cph_alt: weeds

The danish word ukrudt derives from the german Unkraut = “non-herb”
In old danish, non-grass.
It is plants, which are unwanted by the people owning or farming the land or water- area where the plants are growing.
Weeds make use of the recess that results from human beings interrupting nature’s development and forcing through, that the earth should be covered only by one specific crop.
The opposite of weeds is utility plants, and weeds have to fight for the right to light, water and nourishment. Countless means are taken into use to keep the wanted utility plants growing and to remove the weeds by its roots.
But weeds puts up with ” tremendous fluctuations” in temperature and humidity. It follows us, where the earth is cultivated, and in areas where vegetation is sparse. The pioneers of its species come up, bloom and seeds, multiple seeds, in a very short period of time, and covers large areas.
Most of the immediately accessible information and knowledge on weeds and wild plants approach the question of how to eradicate it and not how to use it.
Is this the kind of city we want: concrete, asphalt, straight roads, bushes cut into shape and large grass areas, a uniform surface kept clean with poison. Cut down with tractor and lawn mower. And food and fodder is packed in plastic from the nearest supermarket chain?
Why this fascistic fear of the vigorous plants and multiplicity and beauty and possibilities.
By collectively moving around in the city and exploring what the place and season have to offer, we would like to contribute to spread out the acquaintance with how to benefit from and enjoy the weeds and wild plants of the city.
Come along on a walk in the city,
a common larder.


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