Smallscaletrade Kopi

May 22, 2011, at 13.00-18.00


– a one-day exhibition and discussion about small-scale trade. A particular focus is on indigenous and cross-border trade in the Arctic explored in the artistic initiatives of Mobile Kultur Byrå – MBK (Kirsten Dufour, Copenhagen, Hilde Methi, Kirkenes, Ulrike Solbrig, Berlin) and Luja (Yvette Brackman, Copenhagen, Hilde Methi).
Architect Hans Peter Hagens from the The Architectural Workshop in Copenhagen and the anthropologist Claus Oreskov from Infonor are invited to bring perspective to the Mobile Kultur Byrå and Luja in the light of their experiences from marketplaces and the conditions for self-subsistence on the Kola Peninsula.

13:00-13:20                      Hans Peter Hagens
13:30-13:50                      Claus Oreskov
14:00-14:15                      Break
14:15-14:35                      Mobile Kultur Byrå
14:45-15:05                      Luja
15:15-16:00                      Discussion
Market hall/ethnic integration and Bazaar as a meeting place – how to organize a market initiative? What are the central discourses/debates at play in Mobile Kultur Byrå and Luja? What future prospects do these projects contain? Etc.

16:00-18:00                      Reception and exhibition. Refreshments.


THE ARCHITECTUAL WORKSHOP is involved in initiating and implementing various innovation and development projects, such as the Market Halls on Israels Plads in Copenhagen and Denmark’s mobile exhibition pavilion.

INFONOR is an organization with roots in Denmark and Greenland, working with indigenous peoples in Russia with special emphasis on the Polar Regions. Their purpose is to help Russian indigenous peoples, but also tell about their lives and their cultures.

LUJA is a trademark and a format for strategizing models for distribution and production of shoes and handicraft that are being made by artisans in Lujavri. The project discusses and attempts to facilitate for sustainable structures.

MKB takes the working conditions of the Russian Market traders, who travel to Kirkenes (Norway) once a month to trade at the town square, as a departure point for interventions and investigations into small scale, cross-border trading realities.

 This exhibition and seminar is organized by LUJA, MKB and YNKB, unfolding within the MKB work-in-progress Sketching an Exhibition on Small Scale Trade at YNKB May 22 – 31, 2011, the first in a series of projects showing at the Borderland Museum (Kirkenes), Oktyabrskaya 10 (Murmansk), Uqbar (Berlin) and the Tromsø Gallery of Contemporary Art (Tromsø) throughout 2011.

LUJA-projects in 2011 are realised with support from Danish Arts Council and Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Norway) and MKB-projects with support from Arts Council Norway, Freedom of Expression Foundation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Norway), OCA – Office for Contemporary Art Norway and Nordic Culture Point.