Weeds 2


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June 7, 2009

Weeds of the city

We collected the following weeds from Grøndalsvænge, Copenhagen: Stinging nettles, stickyweed, Deadnettle, Common chickweed, Willow-herb, Silver weed, Elderberries, Hop, Hawthorne, Garlic mustard, Dandelion, Horse radish, Ground-elder, Daysy, Greater plantain, Wild chervil, Wild Parsnik and wild carrots.

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Weeds, Herbs and recipes

Elderberry flower was used in pancakes and to make a Elder flower syrup.

Syrup of 50 Elder flowers, 4 lemons, 2 kilo sugar, 4 spoonfull Citric acid and 20 dl water. Collect the flowers, slice the lemons, add sugar and citric acid and mix all with boiling water.(20 deci litr)
Placed in a cool place for 4 days then on bottles (rinsed with hot water.)

Cutting the Horse raddish.

A stew was made of Common chick weed, cut very fine with Garlic mustard plants, salt+ pepper. Stewed with butter 10 min. Add lemon juice before serving.

The “Meat balls” was made by: A lot of Ground-elder lightly stewed with Garlic mustard plants. When cooled add eggs and salt, pepper and spelt flour and formed into balls and fried in a pan.

For the soup we used: Stinging nettles, Garlic mustard, wild parsnik, wild carrots and (bought) potatoes.