14 mars-13 may 2007

Société Anonyme

Le Plateau, Paris

Koncept : Thomas Boutoux, Natasa Petresin,and François Piron
With: 16Beaver (New York), b_books (Berlin), Erick Beltrán (Mexico), Chto delat? / What is to be done? (Saint Petersbourg / Moscow), Curating the Library / Moritz Küng (Anvers), Nico Dockx & friends (Antwerpen), Tere Recarens (Barcelone / Berlin), / Vítek Havránek (Prague), tv-tv (Copenhagen), WHW / What, How & for Whom (Zagreb)

Different artists, art collectives and organisms based in Antwerpen, Berlin, Copenhagen, mexico City, Moscow, Prague, Saint Petersburg and Zagreb will be temporarely relocating to The Plateau, Paris, to initiate a series of new projects, in collaboration with artists, researchers and intellectuals based in Paris.
The guest artst will be presenting, depending on their function at the Plateau, an ensemble of past projects via archives and installations. progressively they will showcase their research and work progresses, notably throughout a comprehensive program of public events, including conferences, projections, happenings, performances, seminars, workshops, dinners and concerts, etc.
This experimental project will highlight an activity rarely presented during an exhibition: that of the preliminary research, ideas, and intense preparatory discussions that take place during the pre-production phase od an art show.

  tv-tv on Société Anonyme

tv-tv produced 8 hours tv-programs, which was shown on “La Locale” in Paris, a local tv- station in Paris. and on tv-tv in Copenhagen. See
The following editorial groups participated:
Fler Folk Formidler,
Redaktionen for eksperimenterende tv-sening,
Remote Control,
Wider Circle
Net tv-tv

YNKB produced 5 programs on Le plateau:

Rue rampal – Sans papier

When a grandfather would deliver his grandchild at the school in Rue rampal, the police already were there and arrested him as an illegl immigrant. The other parents attcacted the police in a hand to hand fighting and several parents including the director of the school was taken into custody.
YNKB met som of the parents on a Cafe near the school, where they explained what have happened and their thoughts about the events.
YNKB also had a meeting with the organisation “Sans Papier”, where a spokesman tod about the organisation and YNKB had an interview with an illegal immigrant
25 minutes

En greve

En a documentation of a strike on Charles De Gaule Airport.
4 minutes.

Le Jardin Fessart

On april 7 2007 was Le Jardin Fessart, the neighbourhoods new communitygarden, inaugurated on an empty site as a joint action
9:35 minutes

First step

The irania-french kartist Rokhshad Nourdek in dialogue with Jo Zahn, Kirsten Dufour and Finn Thybo Andersen.
8 minutes


The Konceptet behind Biennale de Paris presented by Director Alexandre Gurita
5:30 minutes