September 14 – 16 2012

Performances and exhibition

Videoscreenings, koncersr, readings, drawings, sculpture etc. by Marianna Bjørgheim,
Kit Carlsen, Ulrik Guldin Pedersen, Sara Willemoes Thomsen, Kim Sandra Rask and
Mathias Sæderup in YNKB Friday September 14, 5 – 10 pm, Saturday September 15, 12 – 4 pm,
and Sunday, September 16, 5 – 10 pm.
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August 4 – 31 2012

Extreme Crafts, Freies Museum, Berlin

YNKB participates in the exhibition EXTREME CRAFTS, Freies Museum, Potsdamer Str. 91, Berlin
curated by Ulrike Solbrig, Jole Wilcke, Hilde Methi.
The exhibition brings together current approaches in art that deal with the ethical and aesthetic
dimension of craft and its potency as an idea in art. We want to highlight different ways to bring
art and craft together to produce “a productive confusion within the normal hierarchy of cultural prestige”.
YNKB presents Repair workshops Saturday August the 4th 12 – 6 and Sunday August the 5th, 3 – 6.
YNKB has invited artist Anja Franke as special guest with WASTE SERVICE TEA BAR.
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May 24 2012

People’s Museum Book – book reception

YNKB Baldersgade 70 st tv
Palestinian food will be served

It might sound odd that a people such as the Palestinian, living in one of the world’s oldest cultures,
at a place where three world religions were founded, with an extremely rich history since thousands
of years would need another museum. But this is a special museum, created by a group of Danish
artists together with their Palestinian colleagues, with and for the people in one village, Birzeit,
without any specific selection principles, without any other aim than listening to some individuals and
their stories, and together with the people in the village remember the history for this specific place.
It is not necessarily a directly political project, although of course many people in the village feel a need
to talk about the effects of the Israeli occupation. There is no tendency, no propaganda. We meet the old
peace-maker, listen to his story about old christian families, and share his proverbial wisdom, we meet
proud car owners, we learn how to make really good bread in a traditional owen, but also the Facebook youngsters,
the bar owner who would rather like to put something up in Ramallah, and women — mainly mothers and wives.
… Hundreds of years being part of various empires, and now under a painful occupation, robbed generations of
Palestinians of their own history. To build a museum, to collect stories is a peaceful, and meaningful investment
in the future for a people. It is an act of hope.
– From the introduction by the Swedish art theorist and critic Gertrud Sandqvist

Read review from Jordan Times here

May 12 2012

Eat the weeds of the city

Arranged by Agendaforeing NordVest, YNKB and biologist Nils Grøngaard
Karens Hus, Bispebjerg bakke 8
Sign up to Agendaforeing NordVest
Tlf 26538091 or mail: 2.tom.joergensen@gmail.com

April 25 2012

The Common Kitchen Garden

Come and take part in the work to transform the backyard of the library into a lush and fertile kitchen garden.
Spring meeting with introduction:
Wednesday the 25th of April 4 pm – 5:30 pm, Blågårdens Library.

February 10 – 26 2012

“ARTREACH” Nikolaj, Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center

YNKB and Morten Bencke are participating in the show ARTREACH at Copenhagen
Contemporary Art Center Nikolaj with the project The Common Kitchen Garden.
The Common Kitchen Garden will present a proposal for a new design of the yard behind
the library at Blågårds Plads, which will turn it into a permaculture garden with an orangery and
a chicken coop. The plan is set to be carried out in 2012.
More about the Project here
Also see Faelleshaven

January 1 2012

YNKB wishes everybody a Happy New Year 2012!