December 2003

Swap shop

Swap shop in December 2003 with different workshops: Book workshop
and drawing workshop.
Sunday the 11th of January 2004 at 3 pm: Videoscreening of 2 videos from
the Wispered Media
Thanks to Katja Løgstrup- Hansen, Sandra Frank, Joris Foquarert, Maria
Karlssson and Kate Kendel

November 27– 30, 2003

Art Freight

A workshop arranged by YNKB with Danish and international artists and
art groups. The theme for the workshop: Possibilities and experiences with
working with spaces for alternative culture outside institutions with local
environments and local actors/audiences. YNKB, which is a locally based artist
initiative in Outer Nørrebro in Copenhagen, wishes to relocate artistic activities
to the local environment – that is, to use inspiration from the relationships
among people in Outer Nørrebro in initiating activities that involve the local
environment. At the same time, YNKB wants to connect the local with the global
by developing a network of Danish and internationally based artists who work on
the basis of related premises so that together they can develop a common base
of experience that can create mutual inspiration and develop models that create
openness in the debate about the local. The artists and art groups participating in
the workshop were: Brett Bloom from In the Field, Mess Hall and Temporary
Services (USA); Øyvind Renberg from Danger Museum (Tokyo, Oslo, Singapore);
Sarah Lewison (London, USA); Christel Lundberg from Public Globality Garden
(Malmö, Sverige); Christiana de Melo (Brazil, London); Keith Pirlot (USA); from
Copenhagen: Tarje Gullaksen (Norge, Denmark); Nynne Haugaard, Nikolaj Kilsmark,
Katja Løgstrup-Hansen, N55; Nis Rømer; and from YNKB in Copenhagen: Finn Thybo
Andersen, Kirsten Dufour and Gillion Grantsaan (Holland, Surinam, Denmark). The title
Art Freight refers to YNKB’s vision of an art and culture centre to be located in The
Warehouse in Outer Nørrebro. The building’s location, history and architecture have inspired
the idea of creating an alternative centre for art and culture as well as an awareness of
its potential significance in developing a local area as an integrated part of modern city planning.

Kunstfragt was published as: Tema 8, English translation in Journal of Northeast issues number 3
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June 14, 2003

Street party

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June 2003

Utopia Station

June 2003

Praguebiennale 1

May 15, 2003


in-TANGIBLE/ exCHANGE Cold-Warm Ritual
An interaction event of artistic temperatures between NORDIC and
Central American temperaments.
Museum of Contemporary Art and Design
The exhibition consists of 12 Scandinavian artists and 13 artists from Central America.

There Are Many Alternatives (TAMA) and not: There Is No Alternatives (TINA)

The YNKB project for this exhibition is an open installation in form of an archive which consist of books, articles, quotations, pictures, models, objects, slides, sound and videotapes, which reflects our thoughts, concerns, ideas and intentions in this moment in the beginning of 21st century where both art and societies are being confronted with new challenges.
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