29 april - 16 maj 2008

Peoples Museum

Since the first project in Palestine by Parfyme and YNKB: ”Cinema, realized in Bethlehem in cooperation with Dar Al Kalima Documentary film school, march 2007, Parfyme and YNKB together with Palestinian Artist Majdi Hadid has developed the project: ”Peoples Museum”.

This project is a new, different approach to the concept of museum. It is about how people want to represent themselves.
PM could be situated everywhere. Our idea is to establish a Peoples Museum in a specific site in Palestine, since we believe that this project will not only be highlighting the local peoples daily life, which is lived in spite of 60 years of constant sufferings under an unjust occupation but also empowering them and telling the world other stories than the constant images of war and conflict being launched through the world media.
The Artifacts as well as the idea of the museum is to be developed through dialogue between artists and art students and the residents in the specific area. The site has been decided to be the old village of Birzeit, close to Ramallah.
The main partner for the project is IAAP – International Art Academy Palestine, and and the local organization Al-Rozana. The project is funded by DCCD.
During a stay in Ramallah and Birzeit April 29 – May 9, 2008 the first step was taken for realizing Peoples Museum.

The first Peoples Museum will be established in the old town of Birzeit, a beautiful village from the ottoman period with traditional farmers houses. Unfortunately many of the villagers have left the old city for to move into more modern houses. A local organization: Al-Rozana wants to stop this, and together with the organization RIWAQ they are working on restoring the beautiful historical houses and bringing back life to the old village.
Peoples Museum see it self as part of this and want to join forces with the efforts of Al –Rozana, who on their part bid the project of Peoples Museum welcome in the old city of Birzeit and Al-Rozana offered a restored empty house for the PM.

During Parfyme and YNKB stay in Birzeit we made a presentation of the project and the house in Birzeit for the students, artists and residents of Birzeit on Tuesday may 6. In the week before Parfyme and YNKB had a workshop in IAAP, introducing the students for the idea and prepared them for working on the Peoples Museum project.
Parfyme and YNKB also made contacts to the local Latin school, an elder center, the Roman Catholic Church as well as establishing contacts to local artists (Al-Maht-a), who all enthusiastically agreed to cooperate in creating Peoples Museum in Birzeit.
Peoples Musum has a supporting Committee with representatives from Al-Hoash, Al-Manal, IAAP, RIWAQ,Al-Rozana and virtual Gallery
Next step in creating Peoples Museum will be to present peoples Museum to the citizens of Birzeit at the Birzeit Summer Festival organized by Al-Rozana, which will take place July 13-19, 2008.
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Peoples Museum house

The house has two stores. This is the upper store, where people lived.

Under the upper floor is the cellar, where the animals were.

Outside is a beautiful yard. It has been the place where most of the inhabitant’s daily activities took place.

Pelle from Parfyme and Reem from Internatinal Art Academy Palestine is preparing the grill

On the roof is the dome. Dima, Omaya and Mofayad from IAAP enjoys the beautiful view to the Palestinian countryside.
Artist, students and visitors on the day of presentation of Peoples Museum.
The sign of Peoples Museum is hanged on the wall.

Mofayad and Awaftef is repairing a table for Peoples Museum

The old village of Birzeit. Peoples Museum House is seen to the left

This wooden jar was found in the house. It has been used for preparing bread. It tells its own story of life in the village through the reparations.