November 15,2008,2 pm

Art After Work: section 8

Section8 seeks to use everyday situations and traditional contexts as a means to public reflection and criticality, invigorating common spaces dominated by the deadening noise of the market non-place, with alternative perspectives that call into question aspects of the world as it is presented to us. Small and temporal approaches are used to add to humanity’s expressive possibilities in a way that doesn’t seek to crowd out other voices. Using materials readily available and most often within the means of many people, section8 seeks to nurture an active community of cultural participation arising from the crabgrass roots.
A presentation/discussion describing the work as well as reflecting upon shared issues of concern to artists practicing outside normative frameworks will accompany food and libation.

Belle de Boskoop Applepie

made by section8

Coffee made from roots of dandelions

Roots of Dandelions are cut into pieces and roasted in the oven

The coffee is very tasteful