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“That a whole town could be criminals”

"In court, the state's lawyer tried to argue why he wanted me in jail: It is a crime to break the laws of a country, whatever the motivation. How is it possible that we can hear this in a Danish courtroom, so soon after the Nürenberg processes?"
This book is a heavy piece of work of only 156 pages, unfortunately. Here is a story about a highly actual major resistance struggle going on within the borders of our country of micro-islands. Two people, Finn and Kirsten, ask the residents of Lemvig and Thyborøn about everything they experienced when they hid Serbien refugees from 1998 to 2000. They made the interviews on videotapes and wrote them down in this book. It is the story of ordinary people who learn about other people's reality, who resist the daily smear campaign in the media and organize themselves to prevent the Danish authorities from deporting the refugees to the hell in East Slovenia.
Modest and with a certain amount of wonder, these brave people tell their stories with anger and warm humor. There is material here for a super good and very exciting film. The red line: We can all do this – we do not need any special gifts to be human. Buy the book and give it to those you love.
Edited by Kirsten Dufour and Finn Thybo Andersen. Published by Hygum Museum of Contemporary Art, Klostervej 26, 7620 Lemvig and SAAS. 156 pages. Price Dkr. 100.
Book review from “Kommunist nr. 1 – 2006” by Maj El Baz.

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5 million peacemarch Sculpture,

a picturebook 2004

When national and international leaders cannot stop the violence, cannot end the conflict, it is time for the people of the world to take action and put an end to one of the world’s longest conflicts. World peace is the responsibility all of us. Peace activists will arrive form all over the world and gather with activists from Palestine and Israel around the 1st of July 2005 and march peacefully towards the open city of Jerusalem.


This work has been producet collectively during a familystay in Skagen, summer 2004 by:
Kirsten Dufour, Nathalie Dufour, Alexander Dufour Pedersen, Sebastian Dufour Pedersen. Aage Pedersen, Sofie Ranfelt, Peter Stoffel og Finn Thybo Andersen

Downloade 5 million peacemarch Sculpture, a picturebook 2004



26 januar 2007

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