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ynkb tema 18:


YNKB Tema 18: DON'T MAKE THINGS - MAKE THINGS HAPPEN.Ydre Nørrebro Kultur Bureau 2001 - 2012. Text byAnne Neimann Clement. Translated to English by Mary Bille. 96 pages. 80 kr.


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(Published in English and Danish)

YNKB THEME 1: Manifest, YNKB’s hearing proposal to the city of Copenhagen. 2002.
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YNKB THEME 2: Artists Palle Nielsen and Jens Dreyer from Red Rose 2 visit YNKB. Palle Nielsen tells about his exhibition at the Modern Museum, Stockholm, 1968, where the whole museum was turned into a big playground. Jens Dreier tells about Red Rose 2, a kindergarten that takes city children to the country each day. 2002
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YNKB THEME 3: Opera singer Mads Elung-Jensen, accordion player Geier Draugsvoll, the Arabic orchestra Al-Anhar, and experimental musician Henning Frimann, concert and jam session at YNKB. A photo album. 2002
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YNKB THEME 4: Christiana de Melo visits YNKB with a street performance. A photo album. 2003. Download Theme 4

YNKB THEME 5: A police raid at Bumzen. 2002
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YNKB THEME 6: Builder playgrounds in Copenhagen. A photo album. 2003

YNKB THEME 7: (no english translayion yet) The Office of Sustainable Societies. A project for Roskilde Museum of Contemporary Art, Public Globality Garden and YNKB. 2004
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YNKB THEME 8: Art freight.*2004, 50 kr.
Supported by “ The committee for Visuel Art” Danish Art Council

YNKB THEME 9: Denmark is an interesting country. How interesting are you? YNKB at Minority Report, Århus, 2004.
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YNKB THEME 10: The Freight halls speaks

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YNKB THEME 11: Use and restore the Freight halls and Railroad Property
at Nørrebro Station. Quotations and pictures from YNKB’s three programs for tv-tv
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Downloade text in english for Theme 11,

YNKB THEME 12: Byvandringer 1968. 100 dkr.

YNKB THEME 13: Reparations. 81 udførte reparationer. Texts by Keith Stern-Pirlot and YNKB. 112 pages, colour.. 60 dkr.

YNKB THEME 14: The Garden in Peder Lykke Centret. The Canon Club1968 - 70. 50 dkr.

YNKB Tema 15: LET´S REMAKE THE WORLD,YNKB og The Library of Radiant Optimism for Let’s Remake the World. 84 sider A4. Engelsk tekst. dkr 100.

YNKB Tema 16: Astrid Noacks Atelier i Rådmansgade. Texts Hanne Pedersen and Kirsten Dufour. Images: Astrid Noacks Legatfond.Only in danish

Tema 17: YNKB Tema 17 Is a nice little pocket book in A6. The Book documents workshops arranged by YNKB: weeds and wild plants of the city at alt_cph in 2008 and at Outer Nørrebro in 2009 in autumn and spring. We collected the weed in the city space and together prepared meals, tea, coffee, marmalade and fruit juice from wild herbs, fruit and berries we found there.
City Weed is 65 pages in A6 with texts in Danish and English. Price 50 dkr
Downloade Tema 17 Ukrudt

YNKB Tema 18: DON'T MAKE THINGS - MAKE THINGS HAPPEN.Ydre Nørrebro Kultur Bureau 2001 - 2012. Text byAnne Neimann Clement. Translated to English by Mary Bille. 96 pages. 80 kr.

Price 20 dkr./publication, unless another price is specified. In Commission: AMOK-KOMA Tarje Gullaksen, 50 kr Kolonitrådgården på Skt. Knuts Torg (in English): Christel Lundberg, 100 kr.
Peace (in English), 20 kr. Easy DIY 10 point program: Make a flee 6 culture market and donate the money to other(s), 20 kr. 5millionpeacemarch Sculpture, a photo album, 50 kr.
The Journal of North East Issues (in English), nos. 1-3, 75 kr. each. Øjeblikket, no. 45, 85 kr.

The pamphlets can be ordered from:
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T lf. 20613173-60810218

Peoples Museum Book. 268 pages. Texts on english and Arabic. 25$. Can be ordered fromt Rimal Publications


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