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marts 2007

Pictures from Bethlehem

View of Bethlehem and surrounding landscape

Bethlehem is surrounded by the "Security wall " - or the "Apartheid wall"

The wall around Bethlehem separates Bethlehem from the countryside

The tomb of Rachel is situated on the road between Jerusalem and Bethlehem. . Rachel was the first wife of Jacob, and the tomb was a sacred site for all three religions: The Jews, the christians and the muslims.

To day Rachel's tomb is surrounded by the wall, so it is only ascessible from the Jerusalem, for the israelis even it is situated on the west bank. On the picture it is seen as a round cupola a little to the right of the middle

Map of the wall around Rachel's tomb.

Some pictures of the wall - and a olive tree.

The wall is 8 meters high and filled with graffiti on the palestinian side.

Workers on their way through the checkpoint

Israeli settlement on the neighboring hill,

the israelis has their own separate roads.

Military order of expropriations

Asad, 17 years, the day he was released from two years in israeli jail

Conference in Ramallah for preparing an international art academy in Palestine.