THE ARCHIVE “ACTIVISM IN BALTIMORE 2005” of activist interviews by YNKB (DK) in collaboration with Public Globality Gardens (S)“ was screened at Red Emmas Bookstore Saturday Aug 26 and donated to Baltimore Indymedia. It will from now on be possible to study the videos on activism in Baltimore at PAC (Progressive Action Center, 1443 Gorsuch Ave., Baltimore MD)
A GUIDE TO EXPLOITATION PLANS OF BALTIMORE (30 min ) The tour was guided by Dennis Livingstone. He guides us through Baltimore and shows exploitation areas and tells us about different problem issues
BALTIMORE FREE STORE – You don´t have to feel poor just because you are poor, (12 min) Members of the Free Store collective talk about their future plans for their recycling project bringing a mobile store with used things and clothes out to different neighbourhoods.

BRIAN LEACH (BAU) BALTIMORE ANARCHIST UNION (35 min) As a member of the anarchist group he talks about political positions and projects in the local community and the education programme to young kids not to join the army.

JOHN HOPKINS HOSPITAL BETTY ROBINSON A BALTIMORE ACTIVIST (15 min) Betty Robinson is a community organizer and she describes her work in the local communities. This piece of video also shows her as a guide of “Peoples History Bus Tour” where she is talking about The John Hopkins Hospital.

MENS CENTER IN BALTIMORE (13 min) Sarah and Michael are students at Maryland Institute College of Art. They work on the art project “Superpride Studio” at Men´s Center. THE PLEDGE OF RESISTANCE - ANN MARIA ALWINE, MAX OBUSZEWSKI,CAROLA JANSON AND OTHERS (13 min) The Pledge of Resistance conducts protest demonstration every week in the street by the Washington monument against the war in Iraq.

FLINT JONES BAU BALTIMORE ANARCHIST UNION – Keep Poor People Out of Fighting A War For Rich People (19:30) Flint Jones tell us about the anarchist work with young kids to keep them out of the army and the Trash action.

JUSTINE MOLITO AT AFSCME (American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees) – By Working Together You Have a Better Chance to Move Forward (16 min) Justine Molotio talks about their projects supporting and learning home workers how to fight for better payment and working conditions.

MEGAPHONE PROJECT – We Are Much More Involved As a Process (19 min) Paul Santomenna tells us about Megaphone Project, videoproduction on request supporting a local organizations. For this purpose they produce short videos designed for screenings in public meetings.

ALL PEOPLES CONGRESS AT THE POSTOFFICE APRIL 16 2005 - We Have To Live Together – (10 min ) – Steven Ceci tell us about All Peoples Congress anti war protest work .