November 15,2008,2 pm

Art After Work: section 8

Documentation and other detritus arising from and around clandestine interventions and unannounced performances in “reality.”

Coffee made from roots of dandelions and Belle de Boskoop applepie prepared and served by YNKB

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September 19-21, 2008

ynkb on alt_cph

Weeds and wild plants of the city

YNKB invites you to a walk in the neighbourhood and collect wild plants, which we will prepare to a meal on our stand on alt_cph. The tours are guided by biologist Nils Grøngaard.
Friday September 19, 3 pm.
Saturday, September 20, 2 pm.
Sunday, September 21, 2 pm.
Join us!
alt_cph. Fabrikken for Kunst og design. Sundholmsvej 46. Copenhagen S.
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September 2-4, 2008

ynkb-reparation, huset, aarhus

The community centre "Huset" in Aarhus invited YNKB to make a reparation workshop in "Huse"t in cooperation with the staffmembers. "Huset" has very excellent facilities for reparations and 44 reparations was made during the three days



1 julil - 16 juli 2008

Step 2 in Peoples Museum, birzeit

From the 1st of July to the 16th of July the Danish art groups Parfyme and YNKB again visited Birzeit in Palestine to continue the project Peoples Museum and, together with students from the Art Academy in Ramallah (IAAP), the Palestinian artists Majdi Hadid and Hosni Radwan and local residents, to prepare the presentation of Peoples Museum for the citizens of Birzeit at the annual Heritage Festival in the old village of Birzeit.
The project is supported by DCCD Danish Center for Culture and Development.
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July 21,2008

The Signs are the Signal

Emma Hedditch i YNKB

On July 21st at 7 pm, Emma Hedditch will make a performance/presentation inside and outside of YNKB.
Emma will show materials that she has collected and is working with around questions of homosexual identification, from her own work and from others whose identification is inextricable from a broader social and political concerns that are affecting this identification. These materials will include video and film work from the women's film and video distribution Cinenova, which is based in London. The performance/presentation will also serve as a marker in the present, which acknowledges the desire to share knowledge and support with another community, that of the Copenhagen Queer Festival.
Coffee - tea break with cake, dicussion and conversation
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April 29 - May 6, 2008

Peoples Museum

PM is a project by Danish artist groups Parfyme and YNKB and Palestinian artist Majdi Hadid and architect Christine Alloush. Peoples Museum is situated in The old town of Birzeit, near Ramallah, Palestine and the mainpartners of the project is IAAP – International Art Academy Palestine and the local organization Al-Rozana.
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April 26 - august 24, 2008

YNKB on Kronborg, Elsinore

YNKB participates in collaboration with the Music House Elværket from Elsinore and video artist Elisabetta Saiu with the videoinstallation:HOW DO WE RE-AWAKEN HOLGER DANSKE?Will he listen to us, when no one else will listen?
This video installation gives new Danes and immigrants living in Elsinore the opportunity to confront Holger Danske with their hopes and dreams, disappointments and problems – so he come to their aid.
With his century-long history, Holger Danske is an international symbol and he lives in many cultures with different languages, traditions and religions.
He has the same mission everywhere - he is the people’s sleeping hero.
When problems become too great, the people can try to wake Holger Danske to new deeds of heroism, this time as the defender of the new Danes.

Sound and photo installation:Complain Grand Prix
Pictures and hearing the sounds from a Complain Grand Prix held in the Music House “Elværket” March 28, 2008 in Elsinore to give the new-Danes the possibility to express themselves and their point of views on Danes and Danish culture in a musical mode.
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22 - 24 Februar 2008

Let's remake the world III

Seminar and Workshop

This is the third event in a series initiated by the Library of Radiant Optimism (Brett Bloom + Bonnie Fortune) and YNKB, which started in late 2006 with The Radiantly Optimistic Poster Show!exhibited at YNKB, December 2006, and at Messhall, Chicago, June 2007. This exhibition was followed by a seminar in Messhall: What We Know of Our Past - What We Demand of Our Future, January 18-20, 2008.

We are inspired by the groundswell of optimistic and visionary activities in the late 1960s and early 1970s. We are interested in this time period and the massive counter-cultural movement it produced in the face of international political and social turmoil. We find ourselves in a similar global environment of unprecedented crises, and we are wondering how we can make visible and cohesive the currently existing activities. Is there potential to add to the optimistic histories of past activism with our own movements? This project seeks to not only create a discussion about the place of optimism in the face of war, environmental devastation, and global capitalism, but to examine how optimism can help fuel positive change in a realistic way.
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January 28 2008

Art after Work III: “How much did you pay

for this plot of land?"

5 pm: Folkekøkken
7 pm: Introduction to the exhibition: “How much did you pay for this plot of land? Land Value in Ramallah and East Jerusalem.. By Oliver Clemens and Sabine Horlitz from An Arkhitektur, Berlin.
A one dunam (1000 square meters) plot of land in the center of Ramallah costs up to $8 million; the same plot costs $300,000 in an upper-class residential area; near the settlement of Psagot, by contrast, a one-dunam plot costs only $30,000, while a dunam of land inside Zone C is available for $3,000. Through such an analysis of land value, political conditions, conflicts, social expectations and hopes all come to the fore.
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January 28 - february 20, 2008


How much did you pay for this

plot of land?

Land Value in Ramallah and East


By Oliver Clemens and Sabine Horlitz from An Arkhitektur, Berlin.

18-20 januar 2008

YNKB in Messhall, Chicago

*What We Know of Our Past • What We Demand of Our Future*
A three-day gathering to talk about socially-engaged, political, and
critical artwork, its international iterations, history, and future.
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Videowindow International III
18 dec 2007- 10 februar 2008

Nonstop International Video Window

Politics of silence

still of the film:" A World Apart Within 15 Minutes" by Enas I. Muthaffar

The Politics of Silence is a screening program that showcases short video works of 8 artists and filmmakers from Palestine. The videos are projected throughout the night through the windows of YNKB in Copenhagen during the months of November, December and January, the darkest months during the year. The projections are open to the public and can be seen by any passer by from the street. This is a program that draws its strength solely from the image rather than the sound. The projections are silent.
The program is curated by Larissa Sansour, Palestinian video artist,

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