nevember 19-20, 2005

’What’s next?

Neighborhoods and Artistic Practices


Seminar og konference “—which provide an insight not only into the microstructures of certain districts and the everyday realities and struggles of the inhabitants, but which also demonstrate artistic ways of reclaiming urban space.”
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Download Theme 10: The freighthalls speaks



june 25, 2005

Artfreight & parcfestival

Artists support Artfreeight in the Freighthalls and an Activityparc on the DSB-area by a concert and different events and installations.
Arranged by the YNitivgorup, YNKB and Nørrebro Lokalråd.
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june 7, 2005

open microfone

Open microphone, arranged by the Freightgorup, a hearing about the citizens viewpoints on the DSB-area and the freighthalls, their future and use.The hearing was send as a tv-program on tv-tv.
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DownloadeTheme 11



april 3, 2005


Koncert Electronic music + 3 hours artvideo screening by night at the freighthalls
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